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Who is Stimulus Marketing?

Stimulus Marketing, Inc. is a full service marketing and advertising investment firm.

Our team Specializes in media planning, media buying and creative strategies to increase your return on investment. We have numerous references who can attest to our company being instrumental in bringing their business goals to fruition. We look forward to establishing a strategic partnership with your firm, and becoming an essential extension of your business. Our ideas stimulate results. That’s the bottom line.

We will tangibly improve your profit margin by utilizing proven strategies and the latest technology available to substantially increase your Return on Investment (ROI).  Partnering with Stimulus Marketing will change the way you are currently doing business. Stimulus Marketing, Inc. is known for taking any size advertising budget and making it work more efficiently. If your business is not growing the way that you would like, consider partnering with us to eliminate wasted dollars and  implement a successful business strategy. 

Together we can use our years of experience in marketing, advertising, public relations, and creative ideas to insure every dollar that you spend will have the greatest return.


What does Stimulus Marketing offer?

Our dedication obligates us to thoroughly look at our clients business and their industry to determine the most cost effective course of action to make their business grow. After all, our jobs depend on it.





“We allocate and invest every dime of our client’s budget as if it were our own”

~Donna Polizzi, CEO-Stimulus Marketing

  • Marketing and Public relations specialist with a broad range of experience in advertising, public relations creating promotions, event management and fundraising.

    Many years of experience building awareness and increasing our customers market share in numerous industries by way of strategic planning and continuously coming up with ideas that get results.

    Branding, competitive positioning, advertising and PR across all media platforms

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